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High Quality Healthy sound calm natured Intelligent Purebred Siberian huskies "adult's &  puppies. We have put in every effort possible within our power to insure and secure, that all puppies produced and bred are true to there genetic Purebred Bloodline and parentage bloodline. Our 100% genetically sound, assertive, vigorous, and most made for, family companionship with high intelligence and immaculate genetic health recognition well before the time and at the time that we put our puppies up for adoption in new health loving homes. We screen all  new adoptive families before placing them in a permanent healthy  functional family environment. We only guarantee our own Purebred Bloodlines to be family friendly safe when it comes to older family members. When it comes to healthiness, soundness and high intelligence. We guarantee and standby with a seal of dedication and determination with all due respect and integrity you your self will be most completely, unconditionally content, satisfied, and happy with your new puppy pick of choice.

 We guarantee a lifetime of health & longevity for your husky as long as you retain to be the sole owner of your registered Siberian husky. Our Siberian huskies are so well mannered and are 100% excellent with children and come highly intelligent, they are very quite easy to train as long as you follow the instructions of your reputable breeder instructions. Your breeder is highly qualified, educated and professionally skilled with 32year's experience in K9 training and in Siberian husky behavior husky skills. We also have highly qualified and master skilled affiliated trainers on board that can assist in any situation you may have with your Siberian husky puppy or adult. If you should need your master skilled breeders assistance at any given time, Your breeder is available during the day to assist & help educate you  and your family in Siberian Husky behavior's and help you learn more about the smart skilled  attributes that Siberian huskies display leaving you to the point where you almost wanna  rip out your gray hair. We also carry out random  home checks on all our loving family Siberian husky members to confirm the husky or huskies home condition is adequate and to ensure that we meet your expectations or if you require our help in any way possible such as puppy training, preteen training or even adult training we are always available to serve you.

Please make sure all your information is correct First, last name, address, phone #, postal code a clear full description of what kind of Siberian husky puppy you and your family are interested in or requesting about .You may submit in a photo to us so we can meat your satisfaction we will contact you back the same day right away.

A Security Deposit of $300 will secure your puppy pick of choice on our puppy pick waiting list. Once this is submitted in you will be immediately contacted by priority phone call we will then issue you out your security receipt for your deposit. We insure and guarantee first come first serve if we do not have what you are looking for your security deposit will place down on one of our next coming up coming litters. All information is private and is not disclosed with anyone it is only used for registering the husky puppy and for shipping documents only or if lost or found should occur.

Once we receive the security deposit you will be contacted at once and informed it was received and your sales code will be posted on your puppy pick on our dogs page under newborns here is were you can view your purchase. Then we will email out your recorded security receipt along with a photo of your beloved puppy. Please make sure all your information is correct as well as all phone numbers as this will be placed in your AVID registration form. We do require that all new adoptive families/parents pick up their new husky puppy on the dated posted.

Please note the privacy act  protected all file information is strictly confidential and will not be given out to any second or third party without your legal written permission.

"© The content of this website are under strict copyright 2003-2017


We provide the most beautiful variety of spectacular immaculate eyes and coat color's from bright ocean blue, green, gold, cut moon, try colors, bi-eyes soft ocean blue, soft crystal white blue. We also have a wide selection of beautiful solid soft coat colors with strong imprinted waterfall mask markings to choose from. We insure soft calm healthy happy highly intelligent family friendly Siberian husky puppies. We are so confident in our breeding ability skills we are able to re create any type of Siberian huskies for your family.


Just Like may of our beautiful Siberian huskies our jet blacks are exquisitely they are re created solid and are very well formed in structure. Our Siberian husky brawn built huskies have a Top Notch classical immaculate no mask corruption distinctive prominent solid stylish appearance to them making them much better looking. They have deep tight dark enhanced dominating mask markings with a small blaze or water fall or due drop or they have a full tight dominating mask features this showing off their beautiful magnetic distinguished infinite truth of their bright ocean eyes to the world.
Our gorgeous puppies come with flawless solid exquisite full complete mask marking, Some solid mask markings with only a do drop water I have strongly imprinted these beautiful qualities in my Siberian huskies due to their sharp looking bright ocean blue yes that give them a spectacular look. When I create my wolf impressions they look highly unique and impressionable they look most amazing and eye catching with their bright deep spooky fearless ocean blue eye'

Our mini Siberian huskies come in many beautiful sharp solid colors their bright crystal ocean blue eyes that enhances their Immaculate mask marking and family friendly features .Their weight is about 10 pounds and their height is 10 to 12 inches. Our mini Siberian huskies are most little & smaller and can not adapt to the hard cold winter conditions like their standard Siberian husky relatives.  The minis can't handle being out side in the cold winter seasons they can only withstand it for about 10-20 min then must be brought inside. Their coast is soft to the touch and they are very highly family friendly 100%.

Our mini Siberian huskies range from 10" inches in height & weight about 2.8 pounds & 14" inches Mini Registered Siberian Husky have never been produced before until Lil miss produced baby faith & years later baby faith produced a litter. Baby faith is the daughter of Little miss & Lord Tella, Dega she is 12" inches in height and weight's 23 pounds & is 22" inches in length. This is the max size of our mini registered Siberian husky as we know it to date. The maximum size of our registered mini Siberian husky female named Fire weed is 15 inches from the shoulders and weighs 20 pounds Fire weed will produce mini huskies and dwarf Siberian huskies. We are the only producers & breeders world wide that produces the smallest mine Siberian huskies and dwarf Siberian huskies most of all we specialize in producing pure white polar white Siberian huskies.

Our most beautiful wolf Impressions come in many beautiful shades of grays as shown below,
They have strong imprinted mask features and their bright ocean blue eyes just sharpen their over all appearance leaving the impression of a wolf look a like image. Their immaculate characteristics are soothing and soft nature. We hold the strongest record on re creating a more distinctive looking Siberian husky with the up most brightest Jamaican ocean blue eyes.
Our most beautiful variety of copper & white, red & whites, rusty & white Chocolate & whites
Our most immaculate impressionable red and white huskies come in many beautify colors. They always come with solid tight defined mask markings with many exquisite eyes colors that enhance their majestic outer appearance.
Our sharp and most exquisite looking polar white Siberian huskies are more then just pure white coated amazing images of purity. They have the up most beautiful features and uniqueness the I have created and imprint into them. My polar whites have the strongest the most calm soft family friendly characteristics ever seen thank to our Anew his appearance and attributes are untouchable and can not be ever challenged. I insure when re creating such a sharp gorgeous looking master peace I always lock in the majestic beauty bright ocean blue eyes this giving them a more tighter sharper spectacular look that matches their well constructed round shaped heads and ears and muzzle. To re create such challenging beauty it take me 4years to develop such silent beauty. 
Our polar white Siberian huskies are nothing like pure white Siberian huskies. The polar white's have nice structured round heads with a thick polar white coat like a polar bear their eyes a lone are bright Jamaican ocean blue. Anew is the is our only Siberian husky that produces such beautiful solid white magnificent magnetized
elegant polar Siberian husky puppies. Future litter 2018.

Our most majestic champagne Siberian huskies are most beautiful they come in many beautiful light coloring Most have strong solid imprinted mask markings while others have a more softer open face appearance showing off their special features such as their eye colors that blend in with their untouchable beauty. Most of our champagnes come with highly tight calm sound temperaments and highly intelligent characteristics that match their family friendly attributes. Their eyes colors can be of bright ocean blue classical green or magical shimmering yellow or gold giving them a beautiful balance of peace all around.
All you have to do is book your Siberian husky puppies flight departure time at 12:00 pm best to book on weekends
we will make sure all pertaining documents are secured on your puppies dog kennel.

 If the adopted Siberian husky is being shipped by flight you the purchaser must make the necessary arrangements you are responsible to cover flight cost, Don't forget to Book Air flight. We will insure personally that your new registered Siberian husky puppy or preteen or adult is at the airport and in cargo 2-hours ahead of time with all puppies belongings, vet papers, chipping documentation, registration we will mail out as this takes time to be returned, once we receive it in it will be sent in the mail once we can confirm that the husky in question has been fixed according to your contract purchased.

Personal coach: The following is provided if puppy is being delivered by coach and the distance is a long driving trip The puppy will be firmly comfortable in a secured travel dog crate large enough for puppy to spread out, with food & fresh cool water, Please keep in mind your personal driver will make many stops for your puppy, So puppy can stretch his or her legs go to wash room and have some one on one play time before reloading puppy for continuous destination, Your personal coach driver will report in to us at every stop they make. We will then report this back to the owner. The owner will also receive the following for their new arriving puppy, collar, leash, bowls, baby blanket, toy, a bag of Yukon Gold specially recommended for northern breeds like Siberian huskies. If you require more food on board this is an extra cost. All personal coach deliveries service fee are required to be paid up front and in full before coach departure. If fuel cost change between Alberta/BC boarders and other fees are included in the delivery such as fairies ext. this will be an add on. This will depend upon the distance as well that the driver has to travel the cost may very. We guarantee your puppy will be in the up most best care and your puppy or puppies personal puppy package will be on board to your requested destination.

NOTE: All clients will be contacted one day in advance before departure to make sure that their will be someone home to receive puppy before coach arrives to destination. The driver may arrive early if so you will be informed of such arrival in advance time. Or if personal driver is going to be delayed you will be contacted. Please understand if weather conditions are heavy such as rain or hard weather snow storms driver is requested to stop and stay on stand by until weather permits to move forward. If this is the case you will be contacted as health & safety always comes first for puppy & driver.

If you request your new family member to be boarded please contact us. It's always best to make sure your husky always comes first before anything.
We truly care about your new family friend and our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren we always insure your baby girl or boy has the best quality care from the day she or he is born from the day they come back home to be taken care of in your absence. We take all the Siberian huskies that are being boarded out on field trips to Sylvan lake for swimming lessons in the summer. All huskies must have their shots up dates and have their own towels 2- would be best for younger husky children in case they get cold while adults just shake it off. In winter the field trip involves going out to a large play arena here the kids can run freely and safely while being supervised.

All registered Siberian husky puppies are micro chipped before they all go home with their new parents, The micro chipped is not in the adoption sale price.

It's because of our Echo that your Siberian husky puppy has the up most solid tight sound temperament characteristics & beautiful family friendly personality.


Shaniqua u diva, Black Jack 21, Lord Tella Dega, Billy the kid

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A Professional Infamous Service

We only use Yukon Gold recommended for Northern breeds THEIR  are No fillers or by-produces with in this bran of dog food recommended for your new husky 1-bag will last one husky up to 3-4 months strong. 

If you need dog food for your husky please call and order 24hrs in advance, So we may pick up your order on time a service delivery fee of $20.00 will be charged for pick up & delivering to the owner if they live in the Calgary area or further south of Calgary.

If your location is in the Red Deer area no charge. If you need dog food shipped owners are liable for the cost of dogs food & postage cost.

Each new owner that is on the puppy pick list always gets a free large bag of Dog food.

Grooming Services

$60.00. Coat maintenance
This takes about 3-hours or more depending on the coat condition.
$5.00 paw maintenance
Huskies nails clipping,pad feet conditioning
paws-> feathers trimmed conditioning.
Prices could change due to the Condition of the coat and paws.
Stud Services are on a sliding scale
All breeding Queens & Kings must be at a healthy age & have all shots up to date, Must be healthy weight 50.1. Must be of high quality sound mind & body.Must have eyes & hips certified by a certified vet clear and clean OFA, Free of disease and must be viewed & screened by Management before approved.
Stud service fees $1,500.00 must be prepaid in full prior to sire rendering over his physical stud or AI services. We reserve the right to removing the stud service price off 1-puppy sold within the litter that is born or have the right to claim a puppy from the litter born to cover the stud services cost.

All parties must support their husky with shavings and a healthy brand of food Yukon gold while in our care regardless of being boarded or in breeding program.All invoices must be paid off upon services provided or pick up due date.

All Sires or Dams must be picked up after their breeding program is over. If the dam is staying for the hole duration of her pregnancy the owner of the dam must provide the dame with proper nutrition and support her maintenance materials while in our care no exceptions: If owner does not support their bred female the owner shall remove any additional cost incurred from the litter puppy sales to cover any and all costs.

No exceptions.

Boarding Services Royal care
Premises Protected by Video Surveillance

We provide a secure professional boarding services for all our potential customers & business investors.

We provide a supervised secured inside and outside secured free play arena wear huskies can enjoy their freedom and enjoy playing with other huskies that are being cared for while in our care.

Please insure you call & book in your Siberian husky within 24hr in advance.Boarding service fees rang from $25.00 per day and up depending on the huskies maintenance program.
in most cases it can range from $30.00 Per day while everything is provided for your husky/huskies comfort & security, with clean country fresh air.Clean bedding stalls, fresh bottled drinking water, Healthy Yukon Gold Dog Food.

 In the very cold winter's huskies have heated inside stalls & fresh meat is provided by each day. With weekly up dated reports given to owners by email.

If you have any questions you can reach us on our contact page.


It is your responsibility to comply with the term and conditions rules laws and service requirements of your puppy purchased contract. Management reserves their right to null and void said contract services at any given time due to husky owner negligence or any outstanding invoices or if husky is running at large and is contacted to pick up husky running at large and being rescued.

The Breeding Contract

All customers & Investors are responsible to support their own husky while in our care excuses don't fill empty husky/puppies bellies. If we support your Investment while in our care due to owners neglect. The sales from your litter will be deducted and placed on to owners litter/puppies parents to cover our expenses no exception.

Note: hiring our services you the breeding Investor/Owner have read the new updated Breeding contract and agree to the terms and conditions without default of the Breeding Contract.Their shall not be No cross breeding Their shall not be any third party entered outside of the breeding Contract.

All registrations are limited until the Siberian husky owner signs one of the following below no exceptions.
If husky owner refuses to sign a Non breeding Contract
If the husky owner refuses to sign a breeding Contract. 
If the husky owner refuses to come in and sign a contract any puppies produce from our bloodlines and bred into another will as professional Siberian husky breeders do not guarantee anything on the behalf of such husky owner that has breached  and corrupted the bloodlines with disregard for the husky or the owners/buyers interested in such litter.

Owners that have a breeding contract

Please keep in mind what you put into your litter meaning supporting your litter you will get out from your litter.What you do not put into your litter meaning supporting your litter you will not get back from your litter sales.It's simple math.
All the information that is in it is in great detail.

What you do not put into your litter supporting you will not get out of your litter Royalty pay out.. We reserve the right to remove any Royalty sales to cover any invoices outstanding due to owners neglect of not supporting their husky the dam  mother of the litter and her puppies that the customer owns & has hired us to do all the sales/marketing on their behalf. All huskies in care must be micro- chipped, we reserves the right to scan all huskies in care for identification.If the husky in question is not chipped we will inform owner of such details.It is up to the owner of their litter to cover the cost of their litter being chipped prior to going home to their new families/owners. All breeding dams MUST have all their shots up dated before entering into our breeding program and have their tags and rabies tags and dog license visible No exceptions. If such documents are no presented to the breeder. The breeder reserves the right to refuse business services or in such cases will take action to insure the husky in question have their shots up dated and owners/investors will refund all costs back to the business

No exceptions.