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Sires Listing

Call Name: TRYLORD #187-4162 Certified OFA Great
Date of Birth: March 3, 2009
Details: Trylord has the up most family friendly characteristics,he's highly calm nature and sound minded body and soul Trylord is jet black white Siberian Husky Brawn Built,highly intelligent soft temperament & a great father to his children & grandchildren He's

Will be bred with:

Registered Name: A BETTER BREED


Call Name: NASH #186-9704 Certified OFA great
Date of Birth: May 22, 2009
Details: NASHE'S Attributes: Nash has a solid calm sound personality with family friendly characteristics,he's a solid Husky Brawn Built with bright blue eyes. He's Trylords right hand man when he's home and not leased out working.

Will be bred with:

Registered Name: IRONWILL CRY WOLF


Call Name: Anew Reg 186-9712 Cer Ofa
Date of Birth: May 13 2009
Details: Anew has a highly quiet sound calm personality with beautiful characteristics in side and out and imprints his children with all his family friendly attributes.

Will be bred with:

Registered Name: Lord arctic snow cross
Mothers Name: Ebony
Fathers Name: Blaze 2


Call Name: Casper Reg # 190-3181
Date of Birth: December 11, 2016
Details: ATTRIBUTES:Casper has all his mothers imprinted characteristics the total opposite of his sister. Casper takes after his mother 100% quiet he's looking great now.

Will be bred with:

Registered Name: Casper the holy ghost
Mothers Name: Polar white holy church
Fathers Name: Ilika yr blk beauty


Call Name: Honey Reg# 190-3180
Date of Birth: February 25, 2017
Details: Attributes: Honey is becoming like his grandfather Trylord,Honey is a sandy & white plush w bright ocean blue eyes,He has the up most sweet easy going personality A Husky Brawn built male. He will produce plush multiple colors. Will be bred w Angel.

Will be bred with:

Registered Name: O my Honey your beautiful
Mothers Name: Try Our Lord Diva
Fathers Name: Iron will cry wolf



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