Delove is the youngest daughter of Echo, She is still very vibrant and full of energy and life.
To this day September 20th -2016 Delove shows  much affection & joy being around me every day while I tend to my choirs, She is with her family and relatives and Vegas her cuz the both of them have free run around the ranch playing with liljo and hunting for mice.
Delove still enjoys going for truck rides with Vegas while we go see the butcher.
Delove birthday is-06 / 30/2011 and is still loving life to the fullest.
Vegas birthday is 05/ 22/ 2012 and is still loving life to the fullest.

You are deeply missed my girl, But I see you each day in Delove daughter Raven. Echo passed away peacefully by natural causes at the young age of 17 years old In human years she was 110 years old. She lived a very happy healthy loving life style with me and her children. Echo has passed  down onto her children and onto her great grandchildren and their grandchildren a strong life of longevity thank you very much Echo for sharing with me many wonderful beautiful loving years. You gave each and every beautiful loving family a blessing of unconditional love through your children. You left us your legacy to admire in great harmony. I speak for each and everyone of us  You will always be in our mind  and in our hearts unconditionally. I always see your beautiful spirit and glow in your kids and in your great grandchildren, I will see you again my sweet dearest friend once my time comes to pass.



It is never easy loosing a loved one from your family, Fire weed was more then just a sweet beautiful baby girl husky she was our child a large part of our family life style. It breaks our heart when we lost a special child like Fire weed & Echo. It has been very hard and tragic. You are deeply missed, I hear and see you everyday our heart weep with deep sorry knowing we can not hear your beautiful voice and watch you bounce around we try to keep living knowing your still in our heart and by our side in everything we do, We keep on seeing you doing the little girly things you do. No matter day or night we miss you our sweet little baby girl Fire weed, I know your spirit will come back into another beautiful little girl like your self. We miss you and love you with all our heart and soul and think of you each day and night.

Echo's first born son Dega is vibrant and full of wild spirit, Dega is 13 years old  Born July 13 2004 Echo is very much loved by all of her siblings and Great grandchildren, Echo has blessed many families with her calm soft family friendly characteristics and beautiful loving ways, She has passed all her beautiful genetic qualities on to her siblings and onto her great grandchildren and their great  children.

Echo Me and  Mar Sand Ross in Aldersyde Alberta Once again Echo has passed her full medical exam with flying colors on March 27th 2013.She has had every organ checked, complete full blood tests done the results spotless x-rays on lungs results healthy clean and in great condition. Echo is 17yrs/ old and she has proven to be in great medical health for her age. Echo has been retired for 8-years now & still holds the golden key of success no hereditary flaws nor health issue defects in her genetics or in her children's genetic bloodlines or their children genetic bloodlines. Delove is the youngest daughter from Echo.

The original sled that Mr. Sandy Ross signed for Echo and myself
 a month Latter Mr. Sandy Ross passed away. The legacy he left behind was giving me the chance to meet him in person and to spending quality time with him in his home in Aldersyde Alberta. Listening to all his great true stores about the making of the moves. I will never forget when He said Echo came full circle he was very please to share his life stories with me and my driving partner Trevor MC Donald We worked for light speed Logistics at the time. Mr. Sandy Ross told us many things about the move but Before he carried on I asked Mr. Sandy Ross If I could do a documentary of him telling me about Echo and the move and all the stars that were in the move.
He agreed I had in my hand a camcorder the same one I still have this very day under lock and key. I started recording every word that he spoke of. After the interview I asked Mr. Sandy Ross it would be a great honor to me & to Echo if he could please sign the sled that he was about to give to me and Echo as a gift of friendship. He was so happy to do such a special thing for us as he gave Echo a big hug and kissed her checks blessing her with his love. I watched in great detail while sandy was burning his signature into the sled. I promised Mr. Sandy Ross I will always cherish this blessed day in his name for giving me and Echo his most cherished friend in the world as he said. He also gave the harnesses to me and Echo as well. Till this day the sled and Echo have always been very well cared for and maintained as this was my cherished possession now, And I have cherished each day with Echo.  
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Echo and myself have had the pleasure to meet Mr. Sandy Ross in Aldersyde and spent many quiet moments  reminiscing and listening  to him about his great adventures that he had on the movie set with echo and other crew members regarding the making of the movies snow dogs and Eight below. We have many photo's and video caption of Mr. Sandy Ross and our visit to his home in Aldersyde. Meeting such a icon that was training the Siberian huskies on the movie set is very exciting to meet such a gentleman that is highly admired by many movie icons that where involved in the making of the Walt Disney family movie's and that were on the set, As well loved and was highly respected in the film industry by those that knew him including Paul Walker in Walt Disney Eight Below, Cuba Gooding Jr in Walt Disney Snow Dogs and those that are also behind the camera film industry and that walk the red carpet in Hollywood such as Mr. Brendan Fraser the Mummy Trilogy,Furry Vengeance as well Mr. Paul Gross in such films as Gun less, Passchendaele as well as TV series Due South. We could only say this man was bless by everyone that came into contact with him. We have Video caption on tape of our meeting Mr. Sandy Ross we are trying to take this video tape and down load on to our website, this has taken some time but we are still working on this, we will share this cherished moment to the world . When Meeting  Sandy he said Echo came full circle as Sandy told us about his experiences he had  training Echo, along with  training other Siberian huskies on the film set. I will never forget my experiences and the knowledge that I have learned off Sandy's background and Echo's. I became fully blessed with Echo and Sandy Ross because of the special bond that we both have shared with Echo  personality.

I will never forget this special individual that has entered my life. In close memory the video tape that was created by me, of Sandy Ross and myself. I have had the pleasure in person watching Sandy Ross sign the original sled that was used in the movie Snow Dogs and Eight Below dedicated to our most beautiful Echo your puppies great grandmother, till this day the original sled is in safe keeping and it's still in great condition from the day it came off of the movie set. Thank you my best friend Sandy Ross.

The original sled that was used on the movie set snow dogs & eight below that was proudly given to myself and Echo and to all of Echo's children & grandchildren's children and they are the sole owners of this website known as I P B husky snow dogs. And the sled was Signed over to Echo & my self by the one and only Mr. Sandy Ross. My dearest friend you are always on our mind & in our hearts myself & Echo and Echo's children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and their kids dedicate this website to you in loving memory. I'm the one standing on the right watching sandy Ross carve his name on the sled before he gave it to my self and Echo. While Mr. Sand Ross was burning in his name I was videoing the hole thing at the time. I have many video tapes of this beautiful event we shared together. Sandy Ross signing the sled that was in the movies.

I still have the video camera but do not no wear or how to get these tapes on CD so I can show everyone live video recordings of me and Sandy Ross.     Our dedication and hard work is an honorarium to Mr. Sandy Ross Family and Friends across the globe

"In loving Memories"


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Once upon a time

Echo is the eldest and the alpha queen of our Siberian husky family pack, this is where it all started  from, We all owe it to Echo for producing such genetically healthy clean sound minded children, and grandchildren. & great grandchildren. Till this very day Echo still turns the boys’ heads with her lady like exquisite classic Lady charm. Echo was born March 27,1997 she is now 14 years and 8 month young and still turning heads, Echo has been retired for many years now since she had Her last daughter "Delove " Since Echo retired, Echo has passed down her thrown to her second eldest daughter Ladysnowme  of wolf dens Echo, And once again a new queen of the pack was born and reformed by Echo's skilled teachings and role modeling, Ladysnowme till this day continues to mimic her mothers alpha attributes and keep's the whole pack in check while Echo monitors her daughters skill work at it's best . Mind you at times Echo steps into in forces order when really needed. Echo has no tolerance between pack picking order or rivalries, Echo will not take any form of fighting among the family pack everyone has their place until other wise displayed by Echo or Ladysnowme. ECHO has impressed us for many year's in what she has produced in her litters as well as for her children they have privileged us with hereditary clean genetics proving the health conditions in test results and still proving quality health excellent attributes in their produced litters excellent disposition recommended for every aspect in or out of the show ring circle. While Echo still stand's her ground she always teaches the younger new family generation puppies their place in the pack Echo always expects the younger puppies to respect their elders and she makes sure they do, Echo teaches the new young bachelors that are becoming new young princess what is expected of them and the role they will play within the pack. Their is no room for puppy play once you have reached 6 months of age Echo makes sure that all family members with in the pack help to teach the young adults their place and how they must start to behave as they them selves are no longer children, Echo and the guardian's of the pack start to teach the preteens how to mount their mates by virtue of mounting the preteens until they understand how it's done right, once they got the just of the mounting pattern the preteens practice on each other. As if it's a new game, while the older adults watch and keep teaching them how it's done and once it's done right  Echo then steps in and give the preteen her blessing with tender kisses. This is something to admire watching something like this ,Make a person really understand how the pack works together in teaching their role's. In the wild like my pack of Siberian huskies their is a leader a Alfa sire or dam, this is the guardian's that protects and leads the hole pack and is the alarm system, and theirs the pack's nanny that would tend to the siblings/puppies the baby sitter, then their is the teacher's of the pack each one take on this role teaching.

It is something like our own family we all have a role we must take within our family circle of life are we so different from a pack of wolves or huskies or any given pack I say not.



We are proud to announce we produce the finest structured Siberian huskies with diverse personalities and soft characteristics, from extreme quiet & Bleak to energetic pack leaders. To 99.9% sound Siberian huskies. We Use selective breeding practices they are able to produce Siberian huskies based on the demands of potential owners. The large diversity of their breeding stock provides them with the best possible selection of dogs which offers them the ability to re create specific attributes in each litter. The healthy sound intelligent temperaments their Siberian Huskies make the perfect quality companion pet, or show prospect, or working prospect ,Yet they have a look about them that makes them great protectors as well as great family k9 Canadian citizen's ! They are quiet family friendly, naturally born non aggressive and are highly recommended for older children of all age groups and special needs kids and they are also a very well mannered breed that are extremely family oriented. The Dam's of the pack are loving mother's naturally you will be very  proud to call one of our Siberian husky Adults or puppies one of your own. They are very loyal with a dedication's of unconditional love in mind.

Some of the time when one of our children are returned due to relationship break down we take on the extra mile and welcome them back home. Here we take all action to insure they are at the right stages in life to start their training  process. First they get groomed fully, then they get their shots updated and re De wormed  then we work on their weight to insure they are at a healthy weight. Then we start working on house obedience training, Once they are fully house trained and yard trained and truck trained and under full verbal control with commands, We then try to place them back in the public eye after all our hard work is accomplished we try to find a healthy  forever loving home environment for our children or we just let them stay home. like any other husky we insure our children or great grandchildren are fully ready to be placed back into a loving family home with pets or with younger children or kids.

We try to meet the needs of every ones expectations to the best of our ability.


Echo still has the zest for life and now teaches her older children Snowme Shanequia, Delove Etc., how to be great loving queens of the pack most of all Echo has given me many great happy years. I spend a lot of time with Echo & her children and their children's children each day insuring they all  get everything that life has to offer. I always insure they all eat a strong health cooked meal and make sure all Echo's children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and on are always taken care of in a positive humane loving manner at any coast. If I was homeless I'm sure my children would do what ever it took to insure I was taken care of. God blessed me with a large responsibility and I accepted it as a gift to attend to all their needs regardless of the chilling cold weather mother nature brings at times or if I'm sick I still do what I must each and every day and will keep on doing so until my time is up.


Till this day the sled that was in the movies Snow Dogs & Eight Below that was honored to Echo is still in great condition

"Echo" Wolfs Dens Erie Echo
In loving memory


"Brendan Fraser"

Thank you very much for your loving friendship, We are very proud of you.  We send our best wishes out to you and your Siberian husky God Bless you always.

The actual photo was mailed to us years ago in 1980

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