Snow Dogs has unparalleled and committed their business 
services providing the highest guarantee on their Siberian husky puppies to be fully genetically free of hereditary diseases and ailments defects.How ever do not cover ailments due to communicable disease or improper diet by owners feeding by-products or raw meats,environment abuse, accidental death or injury due to owners fault.
The temperament & characteristics & longevity of life of your Siberian husky is also guaranteed up to it's original expected life span up to 18 years on the condition owners commit them selves on raising their husky in a respectable animal quality control manner this is why our family members return.
Because of our dedication our undivided commitments that we surrender to each individual when specializing in the purity of health & soundness while improving such great intelligence in our Siberian husky breeding program & in our genetic bloodlines it is the reputable communities that recognize our Siberian huskies as purebred Siberian husky bred for sure promising hereditary clean quality bloodlines Eliminating the cross breeding that has gotten out of control by poor non ethical breeders that try to play copy cats. 
By reproducing our flawless genetics were keeping the original bloodlines pure to it's purity.
Producing & providing top quality sound working lines or quality sound show lines or quality sound pet lines to keep our genetics sound intelligence that make raising a husky more manageable with exquisite family friendly personalities giving many the opportunity to produce back into their genetic gen pool the same high grad quality in their own litters.
By doing such this keeping the contamination cross bloodline breeding out of the corruption breeding pool. This recreating a more healthier sounder & more intelligent structured stronger flawless looking Siberian husky so they can living a more healthier lustrous long living life style with their human families. 
All of our sire's have been selected for what they produce best in their litters sound genetics produced in there reproductive system for a more healthy stronger family friendly generation. All of our Dams have been selected for what they reproduce the same equilibrium producing a stronger cleaner fertile generation.
 Snow Dogs website is highly qualified, reputable and is a well respectable recognized facility in the community area
in which they hold the highest standards out of pure love of what they do best for the Purebred Siberian Husky Breed!  At their home facility they strongly hold with all do respect to the breed they only breed and produce the highest quality in genetically approved sires dams puppies.
They offer such a wide variety of family husky services, so they can better assist in helping you with your new husky family member let it be a puppy  or preteen or purchasing an adult. Snow provides a life time health guarantee on all their adult breeders and litters.
They have strive to offer their members & future family members that have purchased their breeding right program service the best bang for their buck! They are professionally experienced in business relations for over 36 years and are knowledgeable educated in healthy breeding ethics and come highly qualified and experienced.
They primary breed for 1000% Quality hereditary clean blood linage Health, soundness in personalities and temperaments,second for strong flawless genetic intelligence and flawless color, and strong tight mask markings, Rather than breeding a variety of quantity of different breeds as such is called a puppy mill. 
 They only produce and breed one qualified breed and this is purebred Siberian huskies all their puppies are raised in a healthy clean balanced routine structured home environment. All puppies are handled right from birth & are left with their mothers till 8-weeks of age in order to gain all the necessary life skills they will need to be successful in their new family life style. 
 All new family members & new visitors are individually security screened to the fullest extent, for reasons we do not condone puppy mills or fur milling. All their puppies that are produced are fully medically examined & receive their first vaccinated shots, & are micro-chipped by owners request, & are fully free of internal parasites to the fullest extent by de worming & have their dew claws removed right from the first breath of air/birth, by owners request.  

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